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How to install Proteus ISIS 7 Professional with download link

Hi guys, How are you all? You all know about the Simulation Software Proteus. Every wants to use this software to simulate there electrical circuit. But a lot of person can not use the professional version of proteus. Today i will tell you how to install proteus isis simulation software and make it professional. I will show the full tutorial by installing the software in my computer. So that i think it will be very halpful for everybody. I hope you all will participate in the full lesson with me. Ok, now we should go to the main process. 1. At first download the proteus isis 7 professional software from this link given below. Note: I provide the link from mediafire. It is very difficult to find the professional version of proteus from online. You all can download this software from this link. Remember that there is a lot of download link in online. But all are beta version. You can not run proper simulation by the beta version. But I provide you the professional version of proteus.

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 Mediafire download link- Proteus ISIS 7 Professional (64.73 MB) 

 2. If your Download has complited now you should extract this zip file. you will found 5 files in this folder before unzip it. When you extract it you will find 4 files. The problems happen sometimes. The ‘LXK Proteus 7.6 sp0 v2.0.1.exe’ file was did not extracted. In this situation you should disable your antivirus from your computer. Because antivirus treated the file as a threat. After disable if you extract again you will find 5 files in the folder. If you find 5 files you are succeed in the primary step. Now, go to the next step.

how to install proteus 7

3. Now double click on ‘Setup76.exe’ file. Than a dialogue box will open. Click on the yes tab. Than open another dialogue box. Click on the yes tab again.

proteus 7 download

 Than a note will open. click on the ok tab.

proteus download link

Now, clik on the Next tab.

proteus isis 7

Click on Yes Tab.

how to install proteus isis 7

Now you will find a box. Click on the first line in the box. Then click Next Tab.

proteus simulation software

Now you will find a message like this ‘License key installed’ . If you don’t see this than you should introduce the license file which was in the extracted file. Than click on install. Than Close this. So that you will find a box like that. Click Next from this box.

circuit simulation software

 You will see some dialouge box. Click Next on all the box.

proteus 7 professional proteus 8 professional how to install proteus 8

After this, Proteus will start to take install. Please wait...

how to install proteus 7

Then click on Finish button. 

proteus download link

Your Proteus has been installed successfully. But you don’t get the permission to open it. For this you need to activate the license.

4. Now, click on the ‘LXK Proteus 7.6 sp0 v2.0.1.exe’ files which was in the extracted files list. I hope you found this file. I already tell you how to get this file from zip file. If your anti virus was disable before extracting the zip file you should found this file. Now click Right button on this file. Than click on ‘Run as administrator’. Remember if you open this file without administrator permission the file will not work successfully. So, you should use ‘Run as administrator’ option to open the file.  

circuit design software

You will find a dialogue box. Click Yes on this. After that you will see a box like that. Click on Update.

installation tutorial of proteus

 Than you should see a message ‘Update installed successfully’ Than click OK.

how to install proteus 8

Finally click on close button. 

proteus 8 download link

 If you has made the all step successfully your proteus software installed successfully. Now you are ready to use this software.
Watch the video tutorial How to install Proteus 7 Professional:

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