Tuesday, October 24, 2017

World's Top 10 Programming Languages which is Very Popular

world top 10 programming language
Number of technology-based organizations increasing day by day. But it is not growing by the skilled technology engineers who have the proper knowledge of programming languages. To develop yourself as a proficient programmer, you need to know the proper programming language. Recently, the popular Internet hosting provider GitHub published a survey report on more than two billion users in 200 countries. Today, I will talk about the top ten languages ​​of 337 different programming languages ​​published in the report.

Javascript is a widely used popular client-side scripting and object-oriented programming language. Which creates dynamic web pages. Javascript was first known as Livescript. Despite the browser being working slowly and looking for security problems, it is the most commonly used programming language. Although there is a similarity to the name and popularity, there is very similarity with the JavaScript work with Java. Which creates dynamic web pages. Javascript was first known as Livescript. In 1995, Brendan aika an engineer of Netscape developed JavaScript.

Python is a high level programming language. Stringed programming and object Oriented programming can be done in Python. The popularity of Python programming languages is increasing day by day. Many readers use Python for easy comprehension and readable code. Python also has the reputation as the simplest programming language in the world.
Guidan von Roujam is the inventor of Python programming language. In December 1989, he started making Python on Christmas Eve. But Python became more popular in 2000, after the 2.0 version was launched. Currently Python has version 2.7 and 3.4.

San MicroSystems invented Java language programming in 1991 for internal television system. After the company bought Oracle, they converted Jawa into a powerful programming language. Java is an object-oriented language. Currently all of the Android apps are built using Java Language. The main reason for this popularity of Java is its portability, security, and complete support for Object Oriented Programming and Web Programming.

Programming language Ruby is very appreciated for easy reading and coding. This programming language is quite popular for building web based applications. There is a framework called Rails, which makes it easy to create web applications. The original slogan of the language is, 'a good friend of a programmer'.

The foundation of the main website of large web-based organizations such as Yahoo or Facebook has been built on PHP. But many programmers again disliked this programming language. Despite this, its position in popularity is fifth in position.

One of the main components of the C programming language is C Plus Plus. Beyrone Stovistrup, Denmark's computer scientist, invented this language. It is a medium-class programming language that has the advantage of high-level and lower-level languages. It is used most often in one of the most popular programming languages ​​and software industries. For example, C ++ is being used for system software, application software, device drivers, embedded software, high quality servers and client applications, entertainment software such as video games.

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is a popular programming language for designing or designing any website.  With the help of CSS, the structure, size, shape, color, etc. of various web pages is determined. Developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a nonprofit organization on December 17, 1996. But usually it is not called programming language. CSS is a coherent language of HTML that is used with HTML to style a website and make more dynamic. Through CSS, it is very easy to modify and modify some part or entire part of a website.

To overcome the limitations of previous programming languages and develop internal software, Microsoft Corporation invented these new programming languages. It is first marketed as the alpha version in 2000. Its chief architecture was Anders Hejlsberg, a famous programming expert. Although Sea Pearl is a language like Java, it is not quite the same. However, this language is widely circulated throughout the world to create business software.

Google created this programming language for their search engine use as Google's own programming language. The use of the programming language has been increasingly used to make Google's application and build itself in the organization's hope of getting jobs.

In 2014, Apple Inc. developed the swift programming language to easily develop Apple's app. This programming language is more used in the company's smartphone iPhone app. After compiling the programs in conventional programming languages, the output can be seen, but Apple's swift programming language has a unique feature that developers can see the results of the live app when writing the code. That is, real time results are seen.

There is no alternative to learning programming language to increase your skills in the world of technology. Every day the demand for skilled programmers is increasing. To fulfill this huge demand and to express yourself as an efficient computer engineer, definitely need to increase your skills in programming language.

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