Saturday, April 7, 2018

What is OTG? 15 Smart and Mind Blowing use of OTG

Many of us know about OTG, but also many do not know. But for those who still do not know about OTG, this post is for them. So let's know details about OTG.

In today's post, you can find out about:
What is OTG?
How to use OTG?
What you can do using OTG?

The full meaning of OTG is "USB On The Go". This allows USB devices to be connected to other USB devices as hosts. USB on the go or OTG means that you can your OTG supported device as a USB host and connect several USB devices with it. You can do a lot of things by connecting two OTG supported devices with one another. As like we use our PC (Personal Computer) as a USB host and connect to various flash drives (e.g. hard disk, pen drive, card reader, modem etc). Similarly, you can connect to different Flash Drives through OTG on Android phones.

The number of OTG-supported Android devices is currently on the rise. As a result, a lot of work is done without the PC (Personal Computer). For example, because of OTG support, you can easily print your camera pictures without a PC by using only a Android phone. Besides this pendrive, harddisk, keybord, mouse, and other USB sticks are can easily use with Android smartphone. Since this OTG has a lot of benefits, so when purchasing the phone, you should make sure that the device is OTG supported.

How to understand if your phone is OTG supported?

At present, almost all new smartphones have the facility of OTG. If you do not know whether your phone has OTG facility in this case, you can check the box of your phone which you have got with your phone when your purchased it. You can also check the manual of your phone which was provided inside the mobile box during purchase.  If you do not have a phone box, then you can search your phone model on google and know whether your phone supports OTG. You can collect the otg compatible smartphones list from google. There is an another way. You can also easily download the 'USB OTG Checker' app from the Play Store and find out if your phone has OTG facility. If your phone is OTG enabled, you will need an OTG Cable to get the utility benefits of OTG. You can buy it from any mobile store at a very small price.

Now let's know, about the wonderful things you can do with your phone's OTG facility.

1. You can charge your Android by connecting with another OTG supported phone

charging a phone with another phone

This is a strategy that Android users would like to use because it allows you to charge a smartphone using another. The OTG supported phone will work as a host which automatically charges another device. It may be a helpful strategy to charge your phone for urgent need.
2. Connect the portable hard drive
otg portable hard drive

You can connect portable hard drives or external storage device with your Smartphone via an OTG cable. For this you only need to connect your smartphone and an external storage with OTG cable. With this you can easily access external storage devices. Also you can transfer files from phone to external storage or vice-versa by the help of OTG cable.
3. Connect a game controller

otg game controller

If you think that playing Fast Person Shooting Game on Android devices is very annoying then you can try connecting a game controller with your Android device via OTG cable. Nowadays many Android games support external gamepad, and you can easily connect an external game controller to your device using an OTG cable.
4. Connect the USB lights

otg USB lights

Have you ever imagined that your phone can light an LED lamp? Of course not, you will say! You can attach USB based LED lights to your Android phone using OTG cable. If you do not have a flash feature on your phone, you can use LED lights to take pictures at night.
5. Connect a LAN cable
otg lan cable

You just have to buy a LAN to USB controller and connect it to your Android device, As shown in the image above. With this help you can enjoy broadband internet access directly on your mobile.
6. Share numbers and messages between two phones

With the help of Samsung's SmartSwitch application, you can transfer messages, call logs, numbers and also more with the help of OTG cable on your Android device. It is very useful and costs less battery.
7. Connect keyboard and mouse
otg keyboard and mouse

If you do not want to navigate your Android device! If you use lots of messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, you must choose to type messages with keyboards and mouse. You can connect your USB mouse and keyboard using OTG cables on your Android device and can use smoothly with your smartphone.
8.  Connect your Camera

otg cable camera

If you like photography than you must want to use a Camera. After capturing photo you need to connect your camera with a computer to review the captured image. But now you can do the same task in your Android phone just by connecting your camera via OTG cable. You can also delete image from your mobile by using this feature.
9. Directly print any document from Android phone

usb otg printer with android

You can use the PrintShare application, Android automatically downloads drivers for USB printers on your Android smartphone. To print a document directly, simply connect your printer to the Android device with the help of OTG cable.
10. Connect a USB fan

otg usb fan

USB fan works with the help of electric charge. However, you've probably seen that the laptop cooling pad is usually connected with USB. You can connect a USB fan to your Android device using OTG cable.
11. Make music at Android

OTG Music keyboard

Almost all modern musical instruments like the keyboard, gitar can be connected to the PC through the MIDI standard. In this case, with USB OTG, you can connect all the devices with your Android devices. So that you can easily make your own music in your Smartphone.
12. Connect Ethernet

You know, you can use strange Internet that is commonly known as Ethernet, with the help of OTG cable on your Android device. If you are not getting access to WiFi or cellular data, then the ethernet connection is considered to be very useful with the help of OTG cable.
13. Record Audio with external microphone

otg external microphone

It is quite useful for YouTube users. You can use an external microphone to record your voice in your Android phone. It is possible to record voice using an external microphone connected with android using OTG cable.
14.  Connect Card Reader

otg card reader

If you are using an Android smartphone which does not support MicroSD card, don't worry. With the help of OTG cable you can attach card reader to your phone. You only need an OTG cable and card reader. It will help the user to connect the microSD card with any Android device.
15. Use your android in Smart TV

With the help of OTG cable, you can mirror your Android screen on your home TV. For this, the user will only need a HDMI cable  and OTG cable to connect the Android phone with a TV. You can watch movie in large screen from your Android phone by using this system.
In today's post, we tried to tell you about some unknown use of otg cable. Hope you like the post. If you also know some other strange use of otg cable, please let us know in the comment. Do not forget to let us know your comments or suggestions regarding today's post. In the next phase, we will try to learn new things. Good Bye.


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